Meet Bernie

My name is Bernie Dignam, I am a professional artist and teacher with over 20 years experience teaching art and design.
I have exhibited my work in Ireland and USA. My work can be found in private collections all over the world.
I accept works on commission.

Inspired by Nature

Drama in nature, particularly in relation to light, focuses my attention and offers me a challenge in representing this intensity. At times the interaction creates striking, spectacular and beautiful combinations of colours, tones and textures.

My techniques

I like to respond intuitively to the ideas that capture my imagination in nature and mythology. I respond to a variety of themes, sometimes mixing media to communicate the appropriate response. I use ancient textile techniques: – felting, weaving & batik, along with various printmaking techniques.


Batik is a resist method using wax and dye to create surface decoration on fabric. I use this medium to create vibrant pieces both abstract and figurative.

Felt Making

The ancient craft of felt making is an opportunity to play with colour & texture using wool and silk fibres to create my unique pieces.

Print Making

I like to explore a variety of techniques in printmaking including collograph, drypoint, aluminium and copper etching, chine collé, carborundum and aquatint.

Tapestry weaving

Tapestry weave is a traditional technique used for centuries, it uses various fibres and yarns to depict the inspirational Connemara landscape.

Posters & Cards

Some of my most impressive works are reproduced on posters and greeting cards, personally signed to add a distinctive, unique touch.


Creative workshops

Please note: all the workshops are suspended due to the current restrictions for Covid-19

Bernie is really creative and her work is very beautiful, her bright studio is the ideal space to find her own art.
Liam Dossena
Bernie's studio is a great space to be free to explore your ideas with her expertise, a lovely experience.
Grace O'Connor
It is great fun to do different workshops with Bernie. Especially the felting workshop got me completely hooked. Bernie is a very good and relaxed teacher. Absolutely worth trying.
Ellen van Boeijen
Had a wonderful day wet felting. Bernie is superb tutor and such an enjoyable day spent learning new skills. Thx you look forward to seeing you soon.
Michelle Courtney
Bernie does fabulous work, and I think is a very talented and generous teacher, working and living in a beautiful area.
Heather Greer
Had an enjoyable day at wet felting workshop. Bernie a wonderful teacher! Hooked already!!!
Catherine O' Connor